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Related article: Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 nn bbs preteens 21:56:09 -0600 From: Subject: Chinook 14Chinook by: dnrock( What is a Hero Anyway? Royce took a lot of pictures on this sunny and relatively warm fall day. He captured a number of poignant interactions between the older men and the youthful scouts and Cadets, some depicting the youthful members of the Navy League, Army and Air Cadets. Mostly he focused on his boys and girls. Royce's grandfathers had both been WW II vets. He could see the gratitude in faces of these old men. Gratitude that someone remembered their comrades and their preteens world contribution. Some of these vets, Royce realized, had no family in Calgary, maybe no family at all. He knew how his grandfathers both felt about remembering. How they never wanted their children or anyone's children to ever go through what they had. "Lest We Forget" repeated in his head over and over. His next painting would be titled, "We Will Never Forget".Royce was afraid the boys would begin to sink into a funk, as Christmas came up with mom no long around. That was a rational concern. From his experience, from his memory, he didn't remember that happening to him or his siblings. He would keep an eye out.What did seem to effect Cliff was the "Toys for Tots" campaign, run by the Calgary EMS and Fire Departments. He wanted to do something but he didn't quite know what to do. He knew his trust fund was growing and would continue to grow.Royce did not know that Cliff called Junior to see if any of the money could be accessed for charitable purposes. Junior told him that he and Rom could donate five thousand preteen gallery x dollars each but it must be to a registered charity, that could give the trust fund a tax receipt. Something like Friends of Children's Hospital or one of those. Junior being Junior, suggested he ask Royce for a suggestion, he is the real preteens chat creative one."Dad, can I talk to you," Cliff said in his diminutive alto open preteen pussy voice.Cliff had poked his head through Royce's bedroom door. It was late and he should have been asleep. Royce was almost so."Sure thing kid," Royce motioned for Cliff to jump under the covers.Cliff snuggled in beside his dad. Royce was sleeping in the nude again and Cliff pushed his body tight to the man, sliding under his right arm, which pressed the lads body tighter to him."Dad, I want to make a open preteen pussy donation to the "Toys for Tots" campaign.""Yes, easy to do, just buy a toy and drop it off at the fire hall on Horton Road and Southland."Uh, well, I was thinking more like money, lots of money.""Well son what do you mean by lots of money?""Uncle Junior told me our trusts could donate up to five thousand each but it had to be a Registered Charity.""Okay, there are lots of those around if you and Rom want to do that, I will help you find them.""No, well yes that's good trailers xxx preteens but I still want to help make sure kids in need get toys. It's important, if the EMS guys hadn't dropped of stuff for us last year, we would not have had cute latin preteens any."Cliff started to cry. Royce realized just how emotional a thing new preteens models this was for him. Cliff knew he and Rom would be well taken care of but he was worried there were children in Calgary who wouldn't be. Royce was proud of Cliff."Ok, let me see, the Salvation Army is registered and they can provide the receipts for Junior's accounting. They help lots of kids and families in need. Will that do?""Yes it will do but you see I also got to help the EMS guys too, I just got to."Royce hugged his oldest son and kissed his forehead."Junior told you to ask me for ideas didn't he?""Yes sir, did I do wrong by calling him?""No Cliff you did right. Junior is in the advice business, that's what lawyers do, give advice. Junior knows if there's some kind of innovative or creative solution to your problem, dad is the man."Cliff smiled and pressed his face into Royce's chest."Thanks dad, I love you." Cliff whispered and promptly went limp into a deep sleep.Royce had a sleeping partner. He now had a minor challenge to think through. Royce lay awake for a while. Holding his oldest son against his chest. Now what could Cliff and he assumed Rom, contribute to these toy efforts, in more than a token way. He could give them money, money he would contribute to some cause anyway. No that would not be preteen mpg movies the boy's contribution, it would be his, well the family's. Royce drifted off to sleep. He knew that by morning his highly active mind would have resolved this, as it resolved so many puzzles in the past.In the morning everything looked brighter and better. Well, the sun was shining and the fall air had a crisp but pleasant smell. Royce was awakened by a thin shaft of sunlight wedging its way between the opaque drapes. Somehow he managed to acquire the second son in his bed. Each with a head on his shoulder, each with his hand on their compact butts, each pressing their stiff morning boyhood into his sides. Royce was not all that keen on getting up. His boys would be content to sleep as long as they were pressed against dad. The alarm clock was not due to disturb for another 10 minutes but Royce's bladder had a mind of its own. Okay, not a mind but a persistent set of physiological signals was being transmitted to his brain. Most prevalent among them, the need to pee, accompanied by the urgency of now.Royce slowly moved his arms from around the boys. He didn't want to do this, both his hands had been resting on the cutest little butts he could imagine, but he is bias isn't he. Royce flipped back the covers and bolted for the bathroom. As he stood directing his hot yellow stream into the white porcelain receptacle he was joined by the boys. This was another one of those keeper images for Royce. He was in the middle, naked, emptying his proportionally large bladder; on either side was a boy, Rom in white briefs and Cliff in red. All three pissing into the toilet, their piss streams dancing in and out of each others. Rom was giggling the whole time. Cliff was showing all the signs of puberty real preteens chat one would expect of a twelve year old, who had recently started to ejaculate. Still no body hair or pubic hair, but about 4.5" ( 11.5 cm) of penis that was shrinking as the boy pissed. They all looked at each others masculinity and then at each others faces, with a knowing preteens jpg kind of smirk.This mental Kodak moment was unceremoniously interrupted by the buzzing of Royce's clock radio. He retreated to the bedroom and switched the buzzer off, leaving the CBC's morning traffic person a clear channel; to report on the backups at Elbow and Glenmore and the 4th avenue fly-over. It would take Royce some time to get the image of his naked butt, between his boys, out of his mind.Royce is a good looking man. He is fit and trim. Now that he has the boys living with him he has become truly fit. He always looked the part but now he lives it. He is a classic male triangle, from the back his shoulders are quite wide and muscular his waste is very small only 28" (71 cm) and his hips only slightly larger. bbs mail preteen His butt is tight and compact with high set cheeks. Each cheek has a dimple in the center which becomes quite large what he flexes those muscles. From the back Royce's calfs and thighs are both well shaped and muscular. At just under 6 preteen girls nonude feet (1.8 m) he towers over Rom, but tips the scales at 175 lbs (79 kg). Cliff is growing fast and while rail thin he is almost to dad's arm pit. He will be a tall one Royce thinks. His mom was tall for a woman and his biological father, as far as Royce knew was about six one, (1.85 m). Royce had difficulty finding jeans that fit him properly. He was a "slim fit" above the upper thigh but regular below that. He has his dress shirts tailored, since he nn legal preteens has very broad shoulders but such a compact body, regular cuts fit him like a tent.Royce was aware of all this physical stuff. As mentioned before, being observant of details is critical to his profession. He paid as much attention to himself as to others. Not that he was narcissistic but because his body was often a model in the paintings. This morning he herded both boys into the shower with him. He was not quite sure why he did this but it seemed like a good idea at the time. In fact, is was a good idea but like many good ideas, can bite you back. He soaped up their hair and they did his, Royce bending over so Rom could reach. That was fun and everyone was laughing when the other fun started. Cliff grabbed Rom's boyhood with his soapy hand and Rom goosed Cliff's butt and Cliff garbed Royce and on it went; good boy fun, yes it has a sexual overtone but the main notes are just good fun.While Royce adjourned to the kitchen wearing only his briefs (black, Y back thongs to be preteen toplist model exact), Rom being somewhat slow got himself dressed. Cliff was left with the job of mopping all the water from the bathroom floor and taking the wet towels to the laundry room. Royce would give it a real clean up later. "If you can't have fun, then what the hell are you doing it for". What started out with time to spare had suddenly degenerated to, "we got to hurry or be late"."Don't you think you should preteen gallery list get dressed before Leo and Spencer show up," Cliff suggested, raising his eyebrows."Is it my abbs of steal or my bare butt you think will embarrass them." Royce asked?"Neither, your woody will make them jealous." Royce asked, he got told.Those are the rules in the Evers household. If you don't want an honest answer, don't ask the question. Rom was snickering at this. He knew Cliff was right. They were both proud of their dad's body in general and his large manhood specifically, its a boy thing, you need one to understand it.Cliff followed Royce into his bedroom and sat on the bed while dad found his pants and a shirt. "Any ideas yet?""Yep, lots of them, did you expect anything less?""Nope.""How about we talk it over when you get home from school? My main idea involves you and your garage band, Okay so far?""Yep." Cliff jumped down and headed into his room to collect his book bag and clean PE stuff. After Cliff, Leo and Spencer headed for Woodman Rom asked, "You gona tell me what's up?""Yep, right after school when Cliff gets home.""Awh." Royce swept him up kissing his forehead and placing him back on the floor."Dad, when I grow up will my penis be a large as yours?""The size of a man's penis is mostly a matter of genetics, so I can't accurately predict yours; I can assure you it will be big enough preteen underage thumbs to get the job done.""But how do you know?""You are here aren't you?"Rom looked a bit puzzled and thought for a few seconds. Suddenly be smiled and began to laugh and laugh. Royce figured he realized just what job he had been talking about. Sex to the grade five and six crowd and probably younger, is funny. Pornography to them is funny. Larger than normal preteens jpg sex organs or erotic features like breasts are funny. Their very existence the result of sex, is funny when put into the context of their parents, "doing it". Sex play with other kids is not serious but not funny either. It can be fun as Rom knows from experience. To them it is a game and games are supposed to be fun.Royce was working overtime with the details of Cliff's request and figuring out what to get the boys for their Christmas presents. He did not know but correctly assumed that Junior had given Cliff and Rom a preteens jpg Christmas budget for himself. He figured Mary Jo would administer it and take the boys shopping. He was prepared to see they had spending money for any other presents they needed, like Uncle Harvey, Grandpa, Mary Jo's, Junior, their Evers cousins and should they preteen gallery x choose, the Cardston clan.From the corporate side Royce's business manager was looking after that, which preteen mpg movies included his non family cards and so on. Royce liked this idea. He liked it very much. All he had to do was provide names for the list and approve the nature and wording. They were even looking after the organization of the memorial foundation art exhibits and seeing they got done. He still had final approval on the selection.Royce had no idea what the boys should get for any of preteens world them except the cousins. The boys knew these girls well enough now to pick out some good toys. He knew Mary Jo would see that dad was properly taken care of, she always saw he was when they were kids, why not now. Mary Jo and Grandpa both presented problems for him and the boys. Perhaps a hand tooled belt to fit the Father's Day buckle? He would call around.Royce had been sitting in his ergonomic swivel chair, with his feet on his desk and half full coffee cup in his hands, resting on his tummy, musing as just described, when the phone intruded on his thoughts. The damn thing just about jolted him our of his chair, he managed to confine the coffee spill to his shirt and jeans.Schoosh -woosh - clickity clack - clickity clack - schoosh - woosh - ding, ding, ding. schoosh - woosh -"Royce Evers," He answered."I have absolutely wonderful news Royce, the Canadian War Museum has issued a commission for your "Remembrance Painting." This was his Agent-Business Manager Fred Simple. real preteens chat "Of course its not exactly what we were proposing but I think it will all work out well in the end.""What do you mean Fred, not exactly what we were proposing?""The Museum's budget is just a little tight so they counter proposed that we cut the fee by 40% and they would assist us in getting your painting on a commemorative stamp in 2005, you would be paid a fee for that and we can probably get a Canada Council grant for the balance.""When do they want delivery?""Oh, no rush buddy, the Sussex Drive location has just closed and your painting will be on display in the new building, which opens in May 05. I told them you would start on it this spring." (The museum is located in Ottawa)"Well that's almost a Christmas present in itself. Good work Fred. Do you think I can get that Canada Council grant?""I'm positive.""How much lead time does Canada Post need?""I'll preteen naturist models check on that but I don't think much more then eight or nine months."Royce had no sooner hung up when Kathy showed up. He was about to go up stairs for a clean shirt when she burst into the studio. He was beginning to question the wisdom of having a separate outside entrance to his most personal of places. But then he is a business and business are public in many respects. The thought just vanished from his mind. She flipped off her jacket, dropping it and her purse on to a nearby chair."You look like the cat that ate the canary," she bubbled."I feel like that cat must feel too and you?""Your news first," she sang advancing to him and kissing his lips in a not overly passionate but still sexy way. Royce's long arms engulfed the lovely nurse and pressing her midsection to his, looked into those clear, expressive, brown eyes."I just got a commission from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.""Wow, that sounds impressive, is it?""Yes it is. They do not usually commission paintings, since they have access to all of the war art done by military artists. Some big names in that group too, like A. Y. Jackson and Alex Coville.""Well then you should be pleased and satisfied, it's always a good thing to be honored."Royce kissed her full on the lips quickly pressing his tongue in as she returned it. It was a long and lingering kiss. Tongue tag is free preteen pixs a preteen erotic galleries favored game for both of these lovers."And yours.""Final divorce decree was granted this morning.""Then we both have something to celebrate.""Yes, but it looks like you got a head start," she was pointing at his shirt."Coffee is less then appropriate but let me see, we have about two hours before the boys come home for lunch." Royce kissed her again and began squeezing her butt cheeks."Yes that would be much more appropriate, wouldn't it."....................Somehow preteen girls nonude Royce struggled out of bed and into the kitchen. Soup and sandwiches he thought."Ah there you are, my friend Campbell's. Let me see, Cream of Tomato or Chicken With Rice, which one of you want's to be sacrificed to the great god of hungry boy tummies, today?"Yes, your understanding is correct, Royce was talking to himself. He chose the Chicken with Rice. Royce had managed to pull on his pants, other than that he looked like a man that just had one hell of a romp. open preteen pussy He smelled of sex and his face displayed that nonnude darling preteen look of, wow I just had one incredible fuck. He hoped the boys would not notice.Royce is a smart fellow, we all know that. Sometimes even the smartest and most astute act, to put it in un-minced terms, dumb. First of all it was obvious he had been engaged in some kind of sexual activity. Secondly if he wanted to keep it some kind of secret he didn't do a very good job.Rom came in as usual took one look at Royce and said, "Kathy or Harvey?"Royce looked sheepish. Why, he was not even certain."Kathy."Rom held up his little thumb and smiled. Royce returned the gesture, he was already smiling. Rom proceeded to feed his preteen butt girls face with his usual gusto. His appetite was beginning to increase in the usual way preteen boy's tend to do, as they are getting ready for a growth spurt. It was at the end of Rom's second bowl of soup and second sandwich that Cliff came bounding up the stairs from the studio."Where's Kathy?"Rom's mouth was to full to respond and Royce just gave his raised eyebrow questing look."Her coat and purse are on the chair."Rom pointed to the bedroom. Cliff smiled and gave Royce two thumbs up."Thanks son but its not a movie review, I do appreciate your approval though.""It must gothic preteen models have been at least that good from the smell in here," Cliff had a big grin while saying that and helping himself to several sandwiches.Royce opened another can of soup. The boys were not done with him. They knew when dad has his guard down and like a good prize fighter they lead with a jab and followed with a hook to the body."Will Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches put hair on our chests," Cliff asked?Royce looked at his chest, the brown hairs were matted to his skin with the body fluids having been exchanged a short time ago. (Montreal Smoked Meat is smoked, corned beef in the style developed in Montreal. It is served thin sliced on rye with a dill preteen diapers stories pickle on the side. Royce makes his own dills. His pickling brine is preteen new models standard but he includes a hot red pepper and several cloves of garlic in each 32 ounce mason jar. That addition has nothing to do with Montreal, New York or any place else. He just likes them that preteens bras way. Perhaps they should be called Calgary style, N'est pas.)"No, but giving your dad to..oo hard a time might give you an ass burn."To which they all laughed knowing full well dad would cut it off before he raised it to his boys. The lads were making quite a bit of noise but Kathy did not seem to notice. Royce figured having just come off 4, 12 hr. nights probably had as much to do with that as his performance between the sheets; which like most men he assumed was par excellence. In his case it usually is, as any number of former lovers will gladly attest."As long as we don't have to call her mom its all right with us," Rom offered."You don't, you don't have to call Harvey mom do you?" That produced even more laughter.When Cliff and Rom came in after school with Simon, Leo and Spencer in tow, Kathy was gone. Royce outlined his proposal, he was reasonably sure the boys would all support it and Cliff's objectives. All they needed was some encouragement and some ideas. The Evers name would not hurt either."Royce, if we are gong to be a real band then we need a name," Leo suggested."Well that is true but you don't need a name to agree and implement a plan."The look on the boys faces told Royce their priorities were a little different from his."Ok, then select a name, any ideas?"Of course they had lots of them, none that everyone could agree on."How about Brand X," Royce suggested, he vaguely remembered hearing of a record label, jazz he thought, from the 80's perhaps, called something like that, he didn't think it was local.Brand X it is, so Royce sketched a logo for them, the word "brand" in non cap black letters centered over a gold, very large letter X. The boys all liked it and Royce promised them Tee shirts with the logo stenciled on and if they would ware black jeans, white runners and black ball caps with a large gold X they would look real sharp. The boys were not sure about that but since Royce was offering and time was tight..."Okay dad, now what do we do besides practice a lot," Rom asked?First I need to ask some questions, does Woodman have a student council and are there other garage bands in the school?Yes to the student council and they thought there was at least one grade 8 and two grade 9 bands. They thought they were the only grade 7 group. Royce suggested they get the student council to sponsor a dance with the student bands all playing. Admission could be a toy or cash donation.Cliff seemed to get right into this and by the time they finished he had added a few idea twists and would see the student council advisor in the morning. What Cliff had in mind was Woodman inviting students from other junior highs in the area like Pannabaker in Southwood, to attend or copy the idea. He hoped the EMS people would offer to come by, perhaps with a fire truck or ambulance, to show support. He figured if the school went along he would go over to the fire station on preteen modal tgp Horton Road and talk to the captain. Maybe the art class at Woodman would make posters? He was getting right into this.Cliff was a bit surprised and relieved that his friends: Leo, Spencer and Simon so readily went along with his ideas. He expected Rom to agree, he knew Rom understood how important it was to support the toy drive.Cliff was also quite surprised at how real preteens chat easy it was to get the SC advisor and the nonnude darling preteen "office" behind his preteens world idea. The principal preteen erotic galleries only asked Cliff why this cause was so important to him. He just told him he knew how important it was to the kids in need and he just had to do more than give up his allowance for tight preteen pusst one toy.The Principal and the other faculty members involved were quite impressed with Cliff's ideas, drive, determination and organizational skills. They later told Royce this was the first time any of them remembered a grade 7 taking so much enterprise. They were also impressed with his leadership skills in getting the eights and nines to cooperate so readily. The faculty realized, for this young man, preteen nn list you just get out of his way and provide some background guidance.What Cliff didn't know, the principal called the fire captain, giving him a heads up. When Cliff approached him he let the boy explain himself and asked a few questions to help him get the whole story out. He agreed to help and suggested Cliff go with him to visit the manager of a large toy store on Mcleod Trail, which is about three blocks from the fire station. A ride in the captain's official car, even without lights and siren, for a few blocks, was to Cliff, still a thrill.The store manager listened to Cliff's idea and offered to match any purchases Woodman students made related to the dance. All they needed to do was show their student ID and the store would record the amount of the purchase. He bbs mail preteen gave Cliff some advertising materials for the art class to work from. The captain was pleased, although he had prearranged this, neither man told Cliff. That made Cliff feel more than good; he felt like he was being the catalysis for a meaningful contribution. He was of course and he didn't need to know just how much background help he had. There is nothing that succeeds like success and nothing that builds self-confidence better.The student council got the preteens jpg other bands to contribute their performances and the soft drink and snack vendor to contribute goodies. It preteen new models didn't take to much for the bands to volunteer after they learned the idea and first group to agree were grade sevens. bbs mail preteen The grade eights and nines couldn't possible be shown up by the younger twerps, could they. Any cash raised would also be matched by the toy store. Depending on student support this could mean hundreds of high quality toys. Since the last day of school was the third Friday in December, the dance, more like a party, would be that early evening.Another thing Cliff did not know, he was not to be told, was his grandpa's part. Harland called the principal the cute latin preteens following week. He wanted to anonymously sponsor any Woodman student who did not have the means to supply his or her own toy or make a cash donation.Cliff was becoming quite a celebrity in his school. He was not preteen cum tgp the official leader of Brand X, it simply didn't have one. His easy going, good natured attitude combined with a slight touch of embarrassment at recognition, became a real hit with the grade 7 girls. The grade sevens were very supportive in general, after all he was one of them. There is always an element in every group that is motivated by jealousy or envy but any teasing from the grade eights and nines was quickly slapped down by their class mates.The quality of the music from the student bands was unknown, few had any knowledge of the four groups at all and absolutely none about Brand X. Each band was given two, twenty minute sets in rotation. preteen erotic galleries The rotation order was fixed by draw. The SC advisor hoped the bands all had enough material to fill two sets. The students hoped the music would be good, what ever that was to mean. They did not realize that since it would be performed by their schoolmates, it would be no less then Okay, if for no other reason then supporting your own.As the weeks went on the Brand X kids increased their activities. Royce was beginning to regret his suggestions. new preteens models Not that the boys were bad. In fact they were quite good. open preteen pussy Sure Simon had to simplify some of the guitar rifts. They had to make major key changes for some of the material, since Simon's voice was still high alto and non of the others could yet get much lower then low alto. Mr. Edwards, Rom an Cliff's music teacher told them to just work around "middle C" everything else will fall in place. It was hearing the same things over and over again, that was getting to Royce.Some how Simon and tight preteen pusst Rom got the idea to ukrainian preteen nudes write their own music. Not quiet their own, they didn't have the time or the skills for that, they could put some new words to an existing piece. Royce was aware the boys had spent a lot of time going through his CD collection. What he didn't know, because the boys were using head phones, was what they choose. After downloading the words from the internet and Rom memorizing the music, they asked their music teachers to help them with arrangements for their specific instruments. Spencer, Leo and Cliff wrote the new words.Now don't misunderstand, they did not quite rewrite the song, what they did was more like modify some of the phrases to meet their needs. Non of the adults in the boy's lives, except their music teachers, knew what they were up to. Harvey figured out they were up to something but he did not know what it was.Harvey and Kathy were both highly supportive, being frequent visitors to the household and Royce's bed, they were kept well informed about progress. Harvey and Royce were, along with several other parents of band members, as chaperones and Kathy had agreed to be on hand with the EMS paramedics, just in case they were needed. Royce had painted a drum cover for Leo's base and the boys all had their costumes. They looked quite professional. He hoped they would sound good. Not professional, they were amateurs, but he hoped competent.On the day of the event, lots happened and not that much learning took place. The students were wound up like large clock springs. Another thing Cliff took a leadership role in. Rom did manage to contain himself. The grade school kids were wound up too. Every student in Calgary was wound up with expectations.The first surprise of the day occurred about 1:30 p.m., when a professional sound system along with technicians showed up in the principal's office, wanting to know where to set up. The second was the arrival of a large van with Black Petroleum on the door, to assist the musicians in collecting and transporting their instruments. Now the name Black had masking tape over it when they arrived, due to some wet snow that afternoon enough came off to identify it. The third was a delivery of pizza and soft drinks later in the afternoon, for the musicians and decoration set up crews. The forth was the arrival of a TV crew from a local station, along with a professional event coordinator and master of ceremonies / DJ.To describe Royce as gobsmacked when he entered the gym, along with the other parents, is perhaps an understatement. Not only had the students decorated the place with a Christmas theme but the professional sound system etc. was not expected. All the instruments had arrived and were positioned for easy changes. The MC was interviewing the school admin. and the involved students. Since no one expected him nothing had been prepared. All along one wall were huge cardboard bins full, full to overflowing, with toys. The students were lining up to get in as the vice-principal gave the chaperones their instructions.About a half an hour after the doors opened at six, the MC called the first band to the stage and called the students to attention. He introduced himself, welcomed the students, praised their good work, noting that, so far the 650 students of Woodman had made 700 donations and more are still coming in. He thanked them on behalf of the kids who will receive these toys, to those kids you are heroes equal to the EMS and Firefighters, who will be handing them out. The students clapped and hooted in approval. Only about 450 of the students showed up for the party, however.He introduced the program, noting that two of the musicians were not Woodman students, one a former student now at Wisewood and another in grade 5 at Eugene Cost. He introduced the first band who took there positions and then tight preteen pusst their first song, naming each musician and their first offering.At the mid point intermission Royce and preteen girls nonude Harvey thought Brand X had done the best job so far. The reader may wish to question their objectivity but Simon did have the best voice and Rom's key board work was the best by anyone's measure, including the keyboard players from the other three groups, who swarmed around him to talk technique. Simon's Fender also got lots of attention from the other guitar players.Over preteen boys pictures all the students were very well behaved, if dressed a little strangely. Brand X was the sharpest on the consume side and the girls seemed to like the tight black jeans. Many of the boys were dressed in baggy pants and loose fitting shirts with ball caps on backwards, both students and band members. The girls were dressed, well Royce was not quite sure they were dressed. Many preteen info had a lot of skin showing. Both the boys and girls often had their underwear showing. This puzzled Royce. Harvey thought he was just out of touch. Some of the bands sang hip-hop stuff, fortunately not gangster rap, Brand X included. Most had classic rock songs. Simon sang a few ballads, one was a credible version of Unchained Melody. Royce figured they found one of his old Righteous Brothers or Heart tight preteen pusst versions, from a collection of 60's or 80's hits, but the Righteous Brothers version was used in the 1990 movie Ghost, who knows. The guitar work sounded nn bbs preteens Heart like, the keyboard work Righteous. All Royce knew was the Jr. High girls all seemed to like it a lot.The big thrill came cartoon preteen incest toward the end. Since Brand X was last up they would get the last song. The MC came on to introduce the last song. He praised the student body again for the support, hard work and good music. He was proud to have been asked to MC this event, although no one knew who had invited him. He wanted to pay a special thinks from all the children to Clifford Evers of Brand X, pointing to Cliff. The kids went wild and Cliff turned bright red. "Cliff told me, `all he did was suggest this and his schoolmates did it, not me.' Well Cliff, you did more then you are willing to admit. You showed the courage of your convictions. Sure they did the work but nothing would have been done if you hadn't stepped up, stuck you head above the crowd. Cliff told me, `we may only be kids but we can still help other kids in need.' You, son are their hero," he pointed to the students who shouted back hero, hero, Cliff, Cliff. "Cliff and Brand X are proud to be Woodman Students, you make them proud. They want to thank all of you for making this toy drive a spectacular success. Their next song, the last one tonight, tells just how they feel about you." He pointed to the audience and moved off the stage."With apologies to the late Freddie Mercury composer of "We Are The Champions", Brand X has written an anthem, a tribute to the students of Woodman Junior High."Starting with the key board but not singing, Royce knew the tune and sung along in his head, "I've paid my dues" add the base, "Time after time", add the guitar, "I've done my sentence", add the Sax, "But committed no crime", add preteen butt girls the drums, "And bad cute latin preteens mistakes, I've made a few, I've had my share of sand, kicked in my face, But I've come through."Instead of going to the refrain lines they started over this time all playing and singing."Were paying our dues," Woodman students. "Were doing our part, We were not forced." For kids in need, "We did a bit, We do ourselves proud," Responsibility we take, No child will want, "We will come through""And we mean to go on and on and on and on,""We are the Champions - my friends And we'll keep on working Till the end" You our the heroes, "No time for losers,""Cause we are the champions of the World" Cause you are the heroes of Woodman Jr. HIgh"We've taken our bows, And curtain calls, We do each other honor, And everything to goes with it, We thank each other, It's been no bed of roses, No pleasure curse, We consider it a challenge before, The whole human race, And we ain't gonna loose.""And we mean to go on and on and on and on," Cause you are the heroes of Woodman Jr. High"Were paying our dues," Woodman students. Were doing our part, We were not forced. For kids in need, We did a bit, We do ourselves russian jailbait preteens proud, Responsibility we take, No child will want, "We will come through""We are the preteen nn list Champions - my friends We are the heroes" - Woodman boy and girls, "And we'll keep on working, To the end, We are the Champions We are the Heroes No time for losers, Cause we are the Champions."The students went wild. Few if any had ever heard Freddie's song or of Cream or his masterful performance. Brand X played the music almost as written but they did add a second refrain line. Leo pounded the rhythm, the boys all sang with conviction and crystal clear clarity. The new lyrics didn't quite scan as well as the original but no one noticed.The MC jumped back on the stage while the students went wild, absolutely wild. The MC called for an encore pointing to the students, "this time you sing along." Well they sure as hell did, even Royce and Harvey were singing along. The MC had to gesture and sing himself to get the students into it but they did. When it ended he called the other bands up and the students thanked them for their performances. Praised their achievement, updating the total number of toys collected. Thanking them on behalf of the EMS and Firefighters but most of all on behalf of all preteen mpg movies the kids who have been helped. That ended it and as the students began departing a little before 10 p.m. the clean up and pickup began. The students just took over and many hands made light and quick work.Royce noticed portal model preteensnude that several girls were hovering around his boys. He also noticed there were more girls around the older boys and some of those kids were holding hands. Yes, he thought that to is coming, but that one will not likely pass. The sound system technicians were busy putting their stuff away when the MC and TV people came over to him. One of them recognized Royce and saw a story. It turned out the sound people did not know who had hired them only that they were sent to do this job. Royce knew this was the hand of Charley Black but since none of the professionals twigged to it, he refused to speculate for them."Oh yes I am very proud of my sons, all preteen toplist model the other musicians and all the students here at Woodman. ... My involvement is strictly as a parent, these kids don't need me telling them what to do or how to do it. All they need is adult permission to be kids and access to adult controlled resources. The source of the idea or inspiration is less important than the quality.""Yes it is obvious that anonymous' support has come from, where ever anonymous support comes from. I'm sure it cost a lot for the MC and sound system, in addition to yourselves. I hope you found enough good material to produce your program. As to how these kids managed to generate that support I have no idea, I guess you will need to find mister anonymous and ask him.""Yes that's correct as far as I know the students in general and my sons specifically, did not ask anyone for help. The idea is kids helping kids, they wanted to do this themselves. real preteens chat Damn good job of it too. I can only guess that anonymous saw the posters or talked to a Woodman student and figured a little backup was what he or she wanted to do. ... The toy store's support must also be noted and they too should be commended. Correct, more then a little but the focus still must be on the students and their accomplishment. Their musical performance and this party was enhanced no doubt about that. This was a full student effort and student supported, any credit goes 100% to them. Perhaps that is why Mr. anonymous, is anonymous."The Evers crew got home in time to catch the late news at 11. The TV station made a big deal about the whole thing including several short clips of the bands."Dad why didn't you tell them it was Charles Black that sent the sound system?""If Charley Black wanted everyone to know he would have told them. Since he didn't we must respect his confidence. I think you should send him a copy of your performance DVD when the technicians send it to you. That's all the thanks he wants.""Okay, but how did he find out?""That's easy Cliff, we told Miss Black all about it last week, don't you remember," Rom told him. Now that was a true light bulb moment for Cliff.
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